Awkward cosplay show

2:04 pm

Assalamualaikum wr wb

I couldn’t really remember, when I had this unforgetable moment with my classmates. It’s clearly because I was spending all the time and all the day with my dearest classmates. It’s around when i was in 11th grade.

My teacher gave us task to “cosplay” (costume playing or player). It such as animal, plant, cartoon character and many more. I got Shiro’s costume, as you know Shiro is Shincan’s dog. Shiro is a dog with white and small body, small ears and small eyes too. I didn’t think that wearing Shiro’s costume was good idea since it was pretty impossible to manage the time for. So I thought wearing simple costume would be a right pick hahaha good reason. I decided to wear white “jilbab”, white t-shirt and borrowed my mother’s make up stuffs hehehe. On the other hand, I was also made Shiro’s ears with my little sister “Bando” because there was no thing which i could make for.

When the day, i was surprised due to my friend brought Spongebob costume and she said, she made the costume by herself last night (creative!) a costume that I truly want to bring and wear (sooo cute).

a costume by a friend of mine was sooo cute OMGG

The “Show” started at 10 a.m. when art lesson held. We changed our faces in accordance with the character and dressed in costumes which we brought.

Find me there hehehe
A dork Doraemon opened the first show. He was not like Doraemon due to he just painted his face with simple make up and didn’t wear Doraemon costume omg. Then followed by Sakura, Butterfly, Pooh, Worm, rainbow girl, etc. And finally i came out as shiro hahaha

I knew the show was not good as the real cosplay show, but we were fully entertained and overwhelmed. we didn’t want to be the first or to be the best, we knew that “friends” is never look by who or where they from but this is What Friends being for. Loooove ya guuys


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  1. ahaaaa... gak kebayang kalau Shironya beneran berjilbab. pasti seru banget main cosplay kayak gini.

    1. disana shironya emang pake jilbab bang, yah lumayan mirip sih hehe

  2. yg jilbab putih, yg idungnya ada item2nya atau coklat ya ituuu. hahahah gue tau kannnn

  3. keren banget ekspresi sama penampilan nya , hehe

  4. Yuk ikuti, giveaway berhadiah CD Original @onedirection dan pulsa Ajak teman-temanmu sebanyaknya dan menangkan hadiahnya!



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