[Video] Demi Lovato - Heart Attack (First Look)

11:52 pm


This is it!!!

Demi Lovato new single "HEART ATTACK" available on March 4


It kills me when I see that Demi sees the hate she gets, she says it doesn't bother her but you can tell it does. It breaks my heart.

Yesterday, she changed all of her social media and sure all of her personal site to be BLACK, and we signed up to her personal site DemiLovato.com  cause she told us, she would give a big announcement. and Finally, today she changed all to her new single cover. She gives big announcement and big surprise!

I'm so Excited! I can't Calm Down!!! 
I think I had a Heart Attack!

"These are songs about the celebration of life & how rewarding it can be. This is what this album is about." @ddlovato #HeartAttack

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  1. selalu disajikan musik berbahasa asing, ada gak sih musik dangdut manca???

  2. ngga terlalu suka music (baca:song)...

    tapi ngga apa apa deh, denger sekali2

  3. waduh, blm bs liat videonya, disini koneksinya gi lemot

  4. @Rico: nanti gue cariin musik dangdut manca bang :D wkwk

    @Sabda : kalo denger lagu demi, denger sekali bisa ketagihan bang. hati-hati :p

  5. @Penghuni: kalo koneksinya lancar, jangan lupa play lagi videonya gan :D



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