Happy 23rd birthday, Taylor Swift!!!

2:40 pm


hi guys? how are you? :)
Maybe with the above title, you guys are know, today is...


I'm very happy today because I and sure all of Swifties in the world can celebrate The Taylor Swift Birthday again. Alhamdulillah today is also the Premiere of Taylor Swift 23rd Video  "I Knew You Were Trouble" on her 23rd Birthday! :) What a perfect day!

A lot of swifties changed their twitter icon and name same as her, and so did I. We changed our icon to make Taylor proud of us even I got confused with the differences between my twitter account and another Swifties account. But at that moment I felt proud to be one of the millions Swifties. look what we do!!! hehehe...

I also made a gift for her, although it was simple but I'm very proud of being able to create one for Taylor Swift...

I LOVE Taylor. 
I am an overly obsessed, dedicated, hardcore Taylor Swift fan.
I have been a fan of Taylor since the very first album.
I listen to Taylor everyday. 

She has always been there for me. Through her words, lyrics, quotes, and everything. 
I feel like I know her so well and I appreciate everything she does for her fans. 
She is just the sweetest.
Taylor is very inspiring to me. 
She has taught me so much.
She teaches me to always stay strong, be myself, and never grow up. 
She makes me want to be a better person.
I can't thank her enough.
I hope one day I get the chance to meet her. Amin, InshaAllah :)

Burning RED!!!

Wish you all the best, we  you


Ulfa Kun, Indonesia

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  1. semoga di ultahnya dia mau nraktir gua

  2. Kenapa bawa2 mantan gue??? hahaha

  3. sekali lagi saya gak tahu siapa swift itu.

    heeeeemmmm postingannya sama kayak bang oges :D

  4. @Rinem : Amin, ane juga bang :D

    @Gandi : Amin deh, didoain semoga bisa jadi mantan bang ._.

    @Rico : iya sama, kan hari ini Ultahnya bang :D

  5. gwe juga nge fans abis, ama taylor swift, sumpah, di hp gwe aja banyak banget lagunya. di laptop gwe videonya bejibun. gwe paling suka lagunya yg, YOU BELONG WITH ME, SPEAK NOW, BACK TO DESEMBER, aaaaa pokoknya semuanya gwe suka, lope lope deh, sama TS.

    btw, artnya keren banget qaq ulfa. pokoknya 22 Januari nanti kalo gwe ultah. lu harus buatin gwe ya, hahahah *maksaAbisgwe*

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOOR XD gyaaa gue juga nge-fans bangeeet XD

    kakaaak itu headernya kereeen, ajarin dooooong bikinnyaa aaa XD

  7. Meskipun aku bukan fansnya Taylor Swift,
    Tapi Mo ikut ngucapin HBD buat dia lwat blog ini..

  8. @Ayam : haha makasih yam :) kan udah gue bilang inshaAllah gue buatin :)

    @Nabila : wah sama dong. InshaAllah kalo ada kesempatan aku posting tutorialnya ya kakak :D btw, makasih lho

    @Chopya : hihi makasih kakak :D

  9. yawww gua juga suka Swift, dia itu emejing banget :D

  10. hohoho,, 23 ya?? beda 3 sm gue,, pantesan kirain udh brp..

  11. Ahh mantan gue ulang tahun :') Wish u all the best deh :)

  12. BURNING RED \m/ yuhuuu~
    aaaaaahh ulfa artnya kerennnn ih >.<

  13. Swift , sorry , aku udah punya pengganti mu :')

  14. Artnya keren :O

    Niatnya pengen cover lagunya kemarin..
    Tapi ga sempet u,u

  15. itu buat art nya dimana deh kak?
    happy birthday taylor

  16. aku juga ngefans sama suaranya taylor swift.. tapi orang nya enggak. soalnya dia suka gonta-ganti pacar...

  17. Minggir minggir ... pacarnya mau komentar

    Selamat Ulang Tahun Tylor Swift ... :D

    Artnya keren Mbak Ulfa :D

  18. @Heni : iya kak, emejing banget :)

    @Shabria : hihi iya kak 23 umurnya sekarang :p

    @Ilham : mantan lo? aminin deh :D

    @Oges : Burning RED bang!! :D hehe makasih bang oges

    @Ridwan : lho? mantanmu ya? hehe

    @Eva : hehe makasih kak eva :)

  19. @Annisa : Buatnya manual, trus diedit edit lagi kak :)

    @Risah : iya sayangnya dia suka gonta-ganti pacar kak -_-

    @Ryan : wuih pacarnya :D amin deh, btw terima kasih bang :D



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