I love and I often do

2:44 pm

Everyone has something they like and what they like to do. and so was I, I have things I like and I enjoy doing. I always do what my heart wants, I don't think anymore and almost everything is fine when I do, although it is not good for us too. but I don't why it's difficult for us to break it, and still we do. and these are some things that I like and I like to do:

I love Allah SWT

I love ISLAM
I love my family
I love my friends
I love Demi Lovato
I love Camp Rock
I love The Hunger Games
I love Taylor swift
I love Paramore
I like the movie character Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock
I like the character in the Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen
I love doing things that make me happy
I'm happy if people call me Lovatic, Swiftie, and Huge
I like to draw something that fits my feelings
I love to make crafts that can be benefit
I love to read comics and novels before bed
I love doing things people have never done
I'm very proud if chosen as a leader
I love to make social networking to reach over 10 accounts
I love to make graphic design
... and much more

That's all I can write and share for you. in fact, still a lot that I like and I often do, but I forgot. hehehe: p Thanks for visiting, reading and don't forget to leave your comment and share this post, Keep Reading :)

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  1. ga tau ya dek :| kita kan belum kenal. mungkin :) mehehehe
    but "Love you hani" :p



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